Latest News

H&W's next training class will be held on July 30th and will cover CPR, First Aid, and AED.

H&W Has been contracted to install a new generator at an offsite BMW warehouse

H&W has been contracted to renew lighting in there LC1 building as part of BMWs energy saving projects

H&W Has been contracted to install light fixtures in process areas as part of BMWs energy saving project

H&W Has been contracted to install building illumination on building identification signs for first responders

H&W has been contracted to Update Electrical operating system at BMWs port of Brunswick

Redwood – New H3 Chemical storage room and fire protection upgrade.    Design/build delivery

New production building expansion at the Dewey facility for chemical mixing/milling process.  Class I and II, Division 2 wiring methods.  Design/build delivery


New 100,000 sq-ft facility for non-woven products.   Design/build delivery

H&W is working with BMW to Complete a newly added parking lot for their outgoing Inventory.

Removing (3) 30000 amp 480 volt services 
Installing (3) 3000 amp 480 volt switchgears.
Removing and reinstalling existing feeders and branch circuits to tie into new switchgears.

Removed two existing 1500KVA services.

Installed one new 1500KVA service and distribution to re-feed existing plant loads.

H&W Has been awarded a project upgrading BMW Lighting at an on site center. 

H&W Has Been awarded a project to upgrade BMW visible safety Exiting program.

H&W has recently been awarded an upgrade project to BMWs Fire Management system. 

New 498,000sf expansion of TTI's main distribution facility in Gaffney SC, TTI is the main distributor of Milwaukee, Hart and Ryobi power tools to suppliers such as Walmart.

A fast tracked design-build industrial project for the manufacturing of Covid 19 test kits. Included providing a new 3000A electric service.

  • Design build construction of new auto repair shop for First Class Halt. New service, power distribution, lighting, and fire alarm.

A 51,000 square foot design build addition which includes both manufacturing and warehouse space.

Renovation/conversion of existing Gymnasium building into a new student life center.   New Jr. High and Sr. High activity / worship areas including theatrical A/V.   

Lighting, Fire Alarm,  and 1,200sq-ft spec. office upfit for existing 90,000sq-ft spec. building shell space.   

30,000sq-ft upfit of existing spec. warehouse space for Oskar Blues (CANarchy Craft Brewery Collective).   New 600A tenant service and connection of drive in cooler and packaging line equipment. Full space upfit including power distribution, lighting, and fire alarm.  













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